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2016 Xiaomi Golden Mi (金米) Award

We’re really psyched that Xiaomi awarded our app, 单词英雄, the Golden Mi Award after our recent official launch on Android through the Xiaomi marketplace late in December 2015. It was also awesome to receive front-page feature support from them in recognition of the quality of our app. It’s been a long journey thus far, and […]

MNE Creations: Review of Years 3 & 4

I’ve delayed posting about years 3 & 4 of our startup journey because it’s really hard to describe what we went through. Though on the outset, it looks like we achieved some meaningful milestones and signs of success, internally we went through a lot of hardships and transitions. Sometimes, when it feels like you’re at […]


Guess who’s got the #1 educational app in China?

We’ve been working hard on our English vocabulary training app over the past year, and have since decided to re-release it in late 2014 as “单词英雄” (or “Word Hero”) to align it with what we had in mind when we first created the app. We’re excited to announce that the app hit #1 educational app […]

MNE English vocab trainer

Just released! English RPG vocabulary trainer!

It’s that time of year again! We’ve just released an awesome new way to help Chinese people learn English vocabulary, called “职场英语大魔王” for the Windows Phone. Don’t worry, it’ll soon be available for iOS and Android, once we’ve incorporated feedback from our initial set of users and are satisfied that the user experience will be […]

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MNE Creations 2013: Review of Year 2

We can’t believe it’s been two years already…oh, how time has flown by! We celebrated our second birthday in October 2013, and while we had our share of challenges last year, we were able to push through and refine our focus a bit more. Here’s what happened in 2013 – Released two games! We released […]

MNE Creations @ 2013 GMIC SV

m-Education @ GMIC SV 2013: Innovator’s Showcase

Imagine what a pleasant surprise it was for us, when we were selected to present on stage at the first m-Education track @ GMIC SV! As 1 of 4 presenters, we were asked to show our product at the Innovator’s Showcase and would be receiving feedback from a panel of esteemed judges, which included a […]


appAttack Top 20: See you at GMIC SV 2013!

We’re pleased to announce that we’re one of the appAttack Top 20 finalists for GMIC SV 2013. While we weren’t expecting to be in the appAttack category, we’ll take it all the same as it’s humbling to be noticed out of hundreds of other awesome apps from around the world. Although we will not be on […]

MNE needs your votes!

 Our app,  TAWKABLE™ Chinese, is in the running to be declared a 2013 Global Game Star Finalist and we need your help to get to the next stage. We’re super grateful for all the support that we’ve received thus far, but we need all the votes that we can get! If we receive the top […]

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Available Now! TAWKABLE™ Chinese: Sketches of China

We at MNE Creations are excited to announce the release of TAWKABLE™ Chinese: Sketches of China, designed for and tested with beginners and casual learners of the Chinese (Mandarin) language. It’s a story-driven game that uses voice recognition to create a practical and visual experience to help English speakers practice speaking Chinese. This initial release was designed […]